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August,4 2:15 p.m.I was waiting in line to purchase a Diet Pepsi.While I was waiting I picked up a cell phone charger and looked at it and put it back down.When I got to the cashier a manager(I assume)approached me and asked me if I put a cell phone charger in my pocket.I wondered what he was talking about for a moment then said no I didn't.He asked me again and I said no why?He pointed to a cashier across from the one I was at and said he saw me put a charger in my pocket.I checked my pockets thinking maybe I subconsciously put it in my pockets.I said no again.The cashier then said I did and asked me where it was at.Now I'm getting angry.I went over picked one up and said it was this one and put it back.He then was getting more adamant about me taking it.I'm getting very angry and start swearing at this cashier.I stupidly paid for my pop and left.I got no apologies or nothing from these people.About 15 min later I called and talked to a James Barsin.He told me he was a manager and just got there.I told him what happened and as I was still so angry he told me if I kept talking to him the way I was he's hang up on me.He hung up on me.About 6:00 p.m. I called him back and apologized.He told me that if I ever talked to him like that again.He wasn't going to help me.That pissed me off.I asked him if he was going to do anything about it and he said he wasn't going to and hung up on me.I do or used to do a lot of my shopping at Walgreens plus I get my subscriptions filled there.If this first Manager and cashier would have apologized I wouldn't be writing this.Also the way James Barins handled this and treated me I propably won't ever go to a Walgreens again.Word of mouth is the best advertising.Walgreens won't be getting any good advertising from me unless this is resolved to my satisfaction.Thank You

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Cashier.

  • Walgreens rude manager and cashier
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I called Walgreens home office in Chicago.They were very apologetic and concerned.She said they would look into the matter.I'm still waiting.This was in August.Tells me alot about the integritiy of the managers at that Walgreend store.


The reason he hung up on you was because of your rudeness. He warned you if you were talking rudely to him he would hang up on you.


I am a manager of a retail store (not walgreens) and if someone calls my store cursing or being belligerent of course I'm going to hang up on them. There's no need to speak with anyone this way, especially since the one on the phone wasn't even the one you had an issue with. Learn how to deal with difficult situations like an adult and you might be pleasantly surprised with your results.


Are you sure you don't work at Walgreen's too?Any body that accuses me of stealing and lying in front of customers.I'll speak to them just as I was treated.If the manager was a real manager he would have apologized on the spot.My lawyer has been contacted over this.


ha you're not going any where.


you weren't even there.when i called the home office in chicago i was treated nicely and fairly.unlike the jerks here in good ol minnesota.


You should have called the police and resolved the matter before leaving the store, as another poster suggested.

I understand you were angry, but by swearing, you solved nothing and now the manager will not do anything about the false allegations against you.


you sound like petty thief, don't do it again


You sound like a total ***, so stop it


You should not have used foul language but I am surprised the manager actually called you on your language. I used to work in a WALGREENS and once a customer got angry and spat in my face and as a result, i refused to ring the couple out so the manager gave that customer a $ 20 gift card, despite the assault. If there is a next time and you are accused then do not empty your pockets tell the manager to get the police The cops make the store accountable because they have to document the incident and if they accuse you and your pockets are empty the store manager has to sign papers and you are more likely to get an apology and you also get more than even with the store


I will use foul language if I am mistreated and falsely accused of theft. You probably misunderstood, the customer probably did not intend to spit on your face, and the fact that this manager gave them a $20 gift card shows you were in the wrong.

Do you know how to read, I subconsciously put the cell phone charger in my pocket. So the police would most likely believe them, besides the police are racist and will believe the white cashier over a Hispanic customer.


"Do you know how to read, I subconsciously put the cell phone charger in my pocket."

You specifically did NOT say that. In fact, you not only said the opposite, but you obviously left it out of your story intentionally when you posted your actual review.

Here's what you said (do you know how to read?): "He pointed to a cashier across from the one I was at and said he saw me put a charger in my pocket.I checked my pockets thinking maybe I subconsciously put it in my pockets.I said no again."

I was on your side until I read this comment. No one lied except for you! Even if it really was just "subconsciously" the cashier SAW YOU PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET!

I suppose they're supposed to be able to read your mind to know when you're just "making a mistake" and when you're "being a thief"?

You were 100% in the wrong and *you* should have apologized. No, you are NOT entitled to walk into a store, shove merchandise into your clothing and leave without paying, and then when you get called out for doing it, have THEM apologize to YOU when as far as they can tell you were trying to steal from their store!

If you can't go into a store without your hands magically putting things in your pockets that you haven't paid for, keep YOUR HANDS in your POCKETS or shop online!


ha. it was a mistake.

you swear you lose argument. you treat people like dirt you lose. listen. the only part i disagree with them is when they hung up at the 6pm time maybe.

i have a feeling that you failed by swearing and did something else. anger got you good!


Look everyone makes mistakes, and like I said I subconsciously put the cell phone charger in my pocket. They acted like I did it on purpose which I did not.

So before you go around judging others you should know I was treated like a criminal.

Besides even if i purposely put the cell phone charger in my pocket legally they are not allowed to approach me until I leave the store into their parking lot. I am sure that you have sometimes accidentally forgotten to purchase something.

@Jeff S

you should look at your local laws. in some places you can stop people before they leave. even can get security to grab them.