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Walgreens!! you have gone too far!

Again! Again you have switched my prescription without asking me first. Who do you think you are? You are making MY decisions for me.

Wait! Do you pay for my health insurance? No. Do you go to work for me everyday?

No. Do you deal with the potential side effects the generic YOU, not my doctor....not me, chose for me? Do you know what a THERAPEUTIC INDEX is??? It varies!

Xanax, synthroid, ssri's....let's just swap them out and give our patients 18% more or less of what they are really prescribed by...oh yeah!!! THEIR DOCTOR!~ Who's best interest are these decisions based on? Certainly not the patient. And we all know the insurance companies say no REGARDLESS of what is prescribed.

So.... is it a monopoly? We pay for health insurance, come in to the pharmacy and the PHARMACY gets to decide that we get a generic? NO!


Shame on you! "Your doctor didn't specify." uhm. Did my doctor write a brand name on that RX? "Yes"...

WHAT MORE SHOULD HE HAVE DONE TO SPECIFY!!!! YOUR COMPANY SHOULD GO DOWN! I am going to help blow the whistle on your monopolizing an environment that we depend on to stay healthy. Where are your ethics!

What happened to you! you are just money hungry. We know..we know. it's a business.

You pay less for generics and make more money on dispensing them. AND YOU GET BONUSED FOR DISPENSING THEM TOO!!! WOW!!!! Who cares about those consumers!

They are only the sick person that is *** enough to pay for this. SHAME ON YOU WALGREENS!

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The only people that ask for brand are the ones selling it


okay unless the doctor writes BRAND MEDICALLY NECESSARY not BRAND ONLY our systems will automatically do generics unless the patient specifically requests brand name when they drop off even then we cant guarentee ins. will cover much if any because its not requested by the physician as MEDICALLY NECESSARY medicain must have this regaurdless when despensing brand or brand cannot be despensed.

also take extra measures it is hard to memorize all customers requests so ask the pharmacy to note it on your profile so that when filling a prescripting a notification pops up as a reminder when they enter it. which will then hint the employee to look at your profile and verify you have always requested brand


News Flash! States have things called LAWS that regulate drugs.

One of these laws is that unless the Dr HAND Writes that the brand is MEDICALLY NECESSARY, then the pharmacist can dispense the generic. More likely than not your Dr actually kows about the medical laws in your state.

Most insurances don't pay for brand names much anymore. The legal difference between brand and generic is a max of 5% by the way


Here is an easy solution...ask the pharmacy to put in your profile that you want brand name on all your medications. Or ask your doctor to mark it that way.

I suggest ask the doctor to mark may not substitute, because some insurances will charge a lower price if your doctor says not to substitute rather than you saying not to substitute.

You really have no reason to get upset about it. Most people would rather have the generic, because of the price.


Here in Minnesota it's the law unless the doctor specifically asks for the brand name. If you want the brand ask for it.

I'm a pharmacist and can say 99% of people are happy with a generic product. Oh by the way I use generics for myself whenever I can.


we are right did the prescribing doc check off do not substitute?? yes your right about some meds like having a patient on coumadin and changing them to warfarin we should check but god *** don't be a *** that's why i look at the history when its *** oxycontin or if they are a brand type person like you i have it on the profile alert brand only..

cuz im tired of being yelled at just cuz your sick doens't me you go yell at me.

its sooo bad people like you start harrassing pharmacy techs and pharmacists *** do you even think your yelling at a young girl that be your grandaughter. but no your so dependent you mentally are uncapable to realise anything.


Ummm its the law... ***.

Unless notified on the actually script, generic must be substituted. Look up TPI...


Seriously read up on your state laws before you start complaing about Walgreens.

In some states, like Texas, it is BY-LAW for pharmacies to automatically switch to a generic equivalent, unless the prescribing doctor specifically WRITES "brand neccessary" or "dispense as written" or anything to that sort. AGAIN, it MUST be hand written or at least stamped, not printed. Patients can also request to fill brand only; but if neither the doctor or patient specifies, it is a state law requirement for pharmacies to switch to a generic equivalent. Vice versa, if the doctor does specifically write brand neccessary or some sort, and the patient wants the generic, it is required by-law for us to contact the prescribing doctor to verify that it is okay for us to switch to the generic.

This law applies to ALL RX drugs; yes, including controlls.

Now to the OP that is so "serious" about his/her drugs, you should have been WELL aware of pharmacy practices. You should at least do your part as a consumer to double check your prescriptions prior to leaving the store.

Now, depending on how busy of a Walgreens store you go to, the tech and pharmacist will go back and look at your history to see if you've been on the generic or not. If a generic has been out for quite a whiile and you are still on the brand, it's typically common sense for us to keep you on the brand.

If you've been on a brand for a while and a generic just came out, we will automatically switch it to the generic (keep in mind that the doctor nor patient requested brand only). Now, it is out of good service for the tech or the pharmacist to let you know that the generic has been filled (thus why you should always double check your prescriptions).

None the less, people like you truely annoy me. Working in a pharmacy is like a mind game, patients expect us to read their minds.

Most doctors rarely write the generic name on the prescriptions and just about 80% or more of the prescriptions we fill/sell are generics. Do the math. Typical generics are less than $50 co-pay, whereas brand name are $100+ co-pay.

Here's a quick scenario:

Patient drops off a new prescription and requests brand name. We fill it for the brand name and page the patient to check-out, patient sees the price and starts complaining that we're ripping them off. They then request us to change it back to the generic, which will require us to reverify the prescription, thus the patient starts complaining about waiting longer.

FYI, if anything changes in the system for your prescription other than payment processing, it will require the pharmacist to reverify the prescription, then reprint labels, and then final verify before we can ring it up. It not as simple as just swapping it out.


Sorry you are wrong. All pharmacies follow same law, so go bother someone else. You'll get same result unless doctor specifies brand only!


Being in the pharmaceutical industry myself, I am very familiar with the rules. Thank you- certainly not a lack of knowledge on my part.

What I will say is that, lack of knowledge ON YOUR PART, there are different rating for substitutions. AB rated and BX rated. BX rated medications CANNOT be substituted unless the pharmacy checks with the physician. When the prescriber writes the brand name on the Rx, the Brand name of a BX rated drug is what goes.

For the Common Sense guy/gal who decided to discuss controlled prescriptions (and who obviously cannot spell), this can happen to ANY prescription including synthroid, antibiotics, etc.

God forbid anyone you know or love takes a GENERIC SUBSTITUTION with a dye in it that they are allergic to. It's sad to see how abdurdly ignorant you both are.


I hate to inform you but unless your doctor writes that there is no generic substitute for your prescription or that you require the original, name brand medication, the pharmacy is required to give you the current generic medication equivalent. The company bargains with generic prescription pharmaceutical companies on a daily basis and which ever one wins is what Walgreens buys.

Which is why I have my doctor write "no generic substitute, name brand required" on all my prescriptions.

When prescribed, your insurance company has to pay for it. It's just lack of knowledge on your part....


Some states reguire it be filled as generic unless doctor writes mediocaly necessary. So might want to check state laws. Funny only people complain about controll prscriptions!