Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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as you know by scanning my ID I live walking distance to your store .I will now drive to ABC ...should have never did that ..

Product or Service Mentioned: Walgreens Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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…. because surely by going to another pharmacy, you will NOT be asked to show your ID.

Ha! You really showed them! Enjoy that drive across town for nothing.

Oh, and don't forget your ID, if you intend to pick up any medications on your trip to your new pharmacy. LOL


Oh ,I don't have a problem showing my ID at 60 to buy alcohol ,it's when they scan my ID ..everyone I've talked to said they don't need Walgreens scanning their ID ....CVS is better for meds ..


Grow up....all stores are now starting to use this policy. The cashiers thank you for going elsewhere.


No other stores have scanned my ID to buy booze... you mean to tell me that you don't mind having your ID scanned every time you purchase alcohol...


The man with the Coral colored Turban on his head that runs the Shell Gas Station and Convenience store always sells me my booze without carding me and says A heartfelt "Thank you Very Much" to me. I wish that I could go visit his home country one day.