Port Saint Lucie, Florida

When I go to walgreen to get my pain meds the people treat you like ***. The lines are always long and every body I talk to hates comming there.

When I have been there I have never heard a good word about walgreen. I will be taking my bussiness else where. you call to complain and they say they will call you back but they never do I dont know how they stay in bussness.

store# 05335 port saint lucie. 772-878-1505walgreen is the worst meds store I have every been in and someone needs to do something maybe a lawyer

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #609111

Drug addicts can be very moody.


When you get that lawyer who will sue for bad customer service let me know their #. I'll be rolling in it.

Let's see...Wal-mart will be first on my list (t-shirt in front of $2 sign and they didn't sell it to me for that price), then I'm going for CVS (went to get sudafed and they tried to talk me into something else so they won't have to go thru the ID thing) Bed Bath and Beyond (double rang a coffee cup so I paid for it twice) Exxon (sold me 2 packs of cigs and I only asked for 1) Food Lion (sold me milk that expired that same day) I'm sure I can think of others, we'll be rolling in it! Never have to work again!

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